Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today I had an interview with the principle of New Covenant school. I think I will get the job. I applied for the middle school science teaching position. Every thing tells me that I should be very happy about it. Wasn't this my dream job? I always wanted a school teaching job. But when I know the job is mine, I don't like it as much. Now my thoughts are very different. This change in desire is not baseless. Two days ago, when I got tired of waiting for a call from the above mentioned school, I turned to world wide web for some respite. That is when I came across this computing and information technology degree. It is a two and half years degree and most importantly, it is being offered in technical college very close to my house. Now I am in a dilemma. to be or not be a teacher. Teaching is my forte and my passion. I love to scribble on the white board. So, why this split mind? The answer is money. The only song that I want to call up from my memory is from the film bluffmaster 'sab se bada rupaiya'. At dinner when I will try to bring up the money factor as a rationale for my dilemma, my family's response will be 'money is not everything, listen to your heart'. Yeaaah, I am trying to listen to my heart, but yie dil bhi sala party badle, so what can I do. I always wonder that after all those big talks about building a strong nation, why would they pay teachers so meagerly. A teachers certification takes 3 years and a computer degree takes 3 years. The latter degree will fetch four times more money than the former. So how do the government expect good students to become school teachers. I will leave you with lots of food for thought, while I sit a debate whether to become a IT professional or pitch in to build a strong nation.

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